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Welcome to Carsoncrest International School!

With us, your children become seriously playful!

Dear Parent,

By the time children are ready for preschool, they start to realize that they are individuals different from each other. They begin to develop a sense of self. They may seem to be acting selfishly like when they take things from other children and claim that these things are theirs. But, really, they are just asserting themselves as individuals.

At this stage, kids benefit greatly from high quality care and education to make them understand the world around them. An excellent learning program will help them grow into responsible, respectful, and sociable children.

We at Carsoncrest International School will make sure that your precious one turns out to be an excellent and well-rounded person. We can make this bold promise because:

  1. We use the world-class International Preschool CurriculumĀ© to develop your child in the six areas of learning.
  2. Our teachers are trained and qualified to guide your child in successfully completing our programs.
  3. We have a safe, comfortable, and supportive learning environment free from any kind of discrimination.
  4. Our school is filled with all the books, toys, and equipment your child needs to have an adventure every day.
  5. We have professional staff that will assist you with all your needs.

  6. Contact us now so that we can explain more what we can offer you. Better yet, visit our school and find out firsthand how you and your child can have a great time learning. You and your child are always welcome to drop by any time from Monday to Friday.


    Sonny Del Rosario
    School Director